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Legendary marketing sage Philip Kotler and his colleagues Hermawan Kartajaya and Iwan Setiawan have identified this definitive break with earlier models as Marketing 3.0.

Moving beyond product-based (Marketing 1.0) and consumer-based (Marketing 2.0) approaches, Marketing 3.0 takes a holistic approach to customers as multidimensional, values-driven people, even as potential collaborators.

The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, endorses this book, and, in the Foreword of the book, wrote, "When I read this book, I could see that marketing is also moving toward the same direction. Marketing 3.0 relies heavily on the marketers' ability to sense human anxieties and desires, which are rooted in creativity, culture, heritage, and the environment. This is even more relevant for Indonesia because the country is known for its diversity in culture and heritage. Indonesia is also a very values-driven country. Spirituality has always been the central part of our lives."

Marketing 3.0 clearly lays out the authors' key ideas and gives you real-world examples so you can implement Marketing 3.0 practices at your organization. Customers have realized that their purchasing power has a global impact, and they are acting accordingly and talking to each other about the choices they make. Marketing 3.0 explains how you can engage this conversation, position your brand as a positive force in the world, and collaborate successfully with customer-advocates. Marketing 3.0 also goes beyond "messaging" customers to encompass how a company defines and embodies its values for a variety of stakeholders. It explores how brands have an impact on issues such as poverty, sociocultural change, and environmental sustainability. It also looks at how values-driven marketing affects employees, channel partners, and shareholders.

Customers are more aware, more active, and more powerful than ever before. Marketing 3.0 shows you how to demonstrate your relevance to this interconnected, global community, giving you an unmatched guide to winning in this new age of marketing

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