Foxnews Junior Reporters Program

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Working to fulfill Roger Ailes’ ongoing mission of investing in young talent, the Junior Reporters program creates a-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for aspiring broadcast journalists to hone their skills at the number one cable news network in the country.

The Junior Reporters is a two-year training program that is made up of the best and brightest graduates from the FNCU Internship program and a vast pool of entry-level candidates from around the country who are just embarking on their careers in the multi-media news business. The program was designed to build a pipeline for the next generation of talented, hard-working broadcast journalists while enhancing Fox News’ newsgathering capabilities and increasing the volume of content produced, specifically for our online platforms.

The Junior Reporters are strategically located around the country, equipped as one-man-bands with state-of-the-art newsgathering gear. They have the ability to go live virtually anywhere, anytime, with portable P2 cameras, laptop editors, backpacks with live streaming capability, iPhones and satellite phones. They contribute a steady flow of content in the immediate term for and, while evolving into experienced, multi-skilled journalists for future positions in the industry.
Current Junior Reporters locations:

Fresno, California
Jackson, Mississippi
Las Vegas, Nevada
Columbia, South Carolina
El Paso, Texas

The program has multiple benefits for both the reporters and the Fox News brand. Having these boots on the ground strengthens our newsgathering footprint, giving us the ability to cover live breaking news in these regions as well as small business profiles, feature stories, political coverage and general assignment news reporting on a regular basis.

For an aspiring reporter, the Fox News Junior Reporters program is a rare and exciting opportunity. Where else can you start your career in journalism, learning from the best in the business while on the national news stage?

At the program’s start, Junior Reporters visit Fox News’ NYC headquarters for an intensive week-long training and orientation session. The Junior Reporters meet with senior executives to learn the mission and editorial standards of network, receive hands-on technical training on the industry’s most cutting-edge equipment and get pointers on everything from their voices, to how to style themselves while in the field. At the conclusion of the NYC trip, Junior Reporters are dispatched to their locations with a solid foundation for success.

However, the training only begins in New York. Junior Reporters receive daily guidance and feedback from NYC management throughout each step of the newsgathering and disseminating process. Whether it’s an assignment manager reviewing their daily pitches, a senior vice president evaluating their production and writing skills or a veteran correspondent critiquing their storytelling, Fox News challenges the Junior Reporters to continually hone their journalistic skills and instincts.

In order to make this program successful, we’re looking for, and have found our first team of exceptional candidates who have a natural affinity for story-telling, a strong work ethic and passion to succeed. Click APPLY to learn more about how you can become the next Fox News Junior Reporter.

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